About Ghent

For some people Ghent (in Dutch : Gent) is the real diamond of Flanders and Belgium. Ghent is the fourth largest city of Belgium with about 250.000 inhabitants. In a unique way, Ghent has managed to preserve its medieval power while keeping up with the times. The city center alone is a showcase of medieval Flemish wealth and commercial success. Modern Ghent certainly cannot be overlooked in Belgium. The city has an important harbor, thanks to the canal Ghent-Terneuzen which allows sea-going vessels to bring their products to the city and its industrial hinterland. Because of the central location in the country, the 'Flanders Technology' fair can regularly be organized. Ghent University (UGent = Universiteit Gent) continues to grow in importance. The presence of so many young people and students has turned Ghent into an important Flemish cultural center.

Interesting places to visit during the ISSISP 2011 summer school

The Castle of the Counts The torture museum
(inside the Castle)
Sain't Bavo's
The Mystic Lamb
(inside the Cathedral)
The Assembly Hall
of the University
Pacification Hall The city hall Saint Bavo's Abbey
The Design museum The Belfry Graslei and Korenlei

Ghent is internationally renowned for its lighting plan, which contributed to beautiful sceneries at January's Light Festival.